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Cyber Security and Computer Networking students at the Springfield-Clark CTC discuss a project in the program lab.

If you like to work with your mind as well as with your hands, this challenging program may be for you. Have you ever wondered what makes the internet work? Do you have a knack for puzzles, mysteries, and problem solving? Cyber Security may be your future. It is a field where the good guys — cyber security professionals — are pitted against the bad guys — cyber criminals a.k.a. hackers. You may also work to protect our country by fighting cyber terrorists across the internet. This program also comes with the opportunity to earn college credits toward a cyber security certificate or associate degree program.

Cyber Security students work in the program lab at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

Over the two-year program, you will learn about game theory, cryptography, operating systems, network infrastructure, and productivity applications. In addition, you will learn about what is behind the cases of PCs and mobile devices by learning about program languages of favorite applications and hands-on activities including PC hardware/PC building. You will create interactive displays to demonstrate your skills and learn troubleshooting skills that transcend beyond IT careers and are great problem solving skills for all community members to develop.


Angela Yake

Career Technical Education, Cyber Security & Computer Networking