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Nurse Assisting

A Nurse Assisting student practices skills in the program lab.

Do you enjoy talking with people and feel energized by the thought of providing direct patient care? If you want to be a nurse, then this is the first step in the registered nursing pathway. The healthcare industry is booming and State Tested Nurse Aides continue to be a vital part of the patient care team. Nurse Aides remain on the list of high-growth job opportunities. You will get the skills needed to successfully compete in this healthcare workforce.

Health Occupations

In the Health Occupations program, students will learn core skills essential to a successful career in the health field and will be introduced to three exciting pathways:

Emergency Medical Technician

Medical Assisting

Nurse Assisting

During their junior year, students will complete a six week rotation with each of the three healthcare instructors, learning the basics of each area. At the end of the first semester as juniors, students will be able to choose, based on various criteria, their specialty area of concentration for the remainder of their junior year and their senior year. They will earn additional certifications and college credits.

Nurse Assisting

A Nurse Assisting student practices taking blood pressure on a classmate in the program lab.

Entry level nursing skills taught in our Nurse Assisting Lab simulate a hospital or long term care facility. Then using these newly acquired skills, you are exposed to real life experiences at area extended care facilities.


Nichole Elliott

Career Technical Education, Nurse Assisting