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Medical Assisting

A Medical Assisting student practices skills on a classmate in the program lab.

A Medical Assistant is a professional, multi-skilled individual dedicated to assisting in all aspects of the medical office under the direct supervision of a physician. Medical Assisting is a rapidly growing career and is expected to be one of the ten fastest growing career fields in the nation during the next decade. Medical Assisting is for the individual who is genuinely interested in helping others in a confidential and professional setting.

Health Occupations

In the Health Occupations program, students will learn core skills essential to a successful career in the health field and will be introduced to three exciting pathways:

Emergency Medical Technician

Medical Assisting

Nurse Assisting

During their junior year, students will complete a six week rotation with each of the three healthcare instructors, learning the basics of each area. At the end of the first semester as juniors, students will be able to choose, based on various criteria, their specialty area of concentration for the remainder of their junior year and their senior year. They will earn additional certifications and college credits.

Medical Assisting

A Medical Assisting program labels a sample in the program lab.

This course offers entry-level training for those who want to work in a medical office or clinical setting performing clinical, receptionist, and lab duties. Medical Assisting students learn to become multi-skilled employees who display professionalism, utilize communication skills, and assist physicians in providing patient care.


Barbara Marshall

Career Technical Education, Medical Assisting