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Forestry & Park Management

A Forestry and Park Management student drives a tractor while working in the outdoor lab at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

Do you enjoy being in the outdoors and working with nature? Then the Forestry & Park Management program is the program for you. Working in our sixty-eight acre lab, students will learn about Natural Resource Management, Urban Forestry, Parks & Recreation Management and Forestry & Ecosystems.

A Forestry and Park Management student tends the grounds in the outdoor lab at the CTC.

Students will learn to apply principles of dendrology (the study of trees) and the management of forests and forest ecosystems. They will learn how trim, shape, and fell trees using the proper equipment and safety gear. They will design facilities, make picnic tables or park area equipment, and manage resources for use in public recreation. Students will learn how to maintain and operate equipment, such as a tractor, skid steer, forestry mulcher, bucket truck, and wood processor for maintaining wildlife habitat and supporting a variety of public recreational activities. Students will also learn how to climb trees using the proper equipment. This is done in a way that the students are always attached to a rope so that they cannot fall while learning and practicing. They will learn many knots for climbing and rigging. There are many work-based learning opportunities where students are put in real-world scenarios. Past projects have been at Snyder Park, the bike path for Clark County Park District, and for the City of Springfield. The Forestry and Parks Management class spends the majority of time outside in the elements. Most things are taught with hands-on learning! Students gain knowledge and experience for any post-secondary path.


George White

Career Technical Education, Forestry & Park Management