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Culinary Arts

A Culinary Arts student shows their dish in the program kitchen at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

Opportunities are endless for anyone interested in establishing a career in the culinary arts or restaurant business. This industry offers career opportunities at almost any location in the country. For hard-working, creative, and service-oriented people, the industry offers unlimited potential.

Students develop skills and work habits by working in the student-operated mobile food business, the CTC Food Truck, and on-campus restaurant, The Jaguar Room. Both are open to the public and staff. Junior and senior classes share management responsibilities of both student-run businesses.

Culinary students also have many opportunities to participate in state and national culinary competitions and compete for scholarships to prominent culinary colleges in the United States. Culinary students gain leadership experience through membership in the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

Culinary Arts Introduction

Jaguar Room Restaurant

Click here to check out the menu for our student-run restaurant, the Jaguar Room!





David Hay

Career Technical Education, Culinary Arts

Dave Remias

Career Technical Education, Culinary Arts