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Project SEARCH

A Cosmetology students practices perms in the program salon at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

Welcome to Project SEARCH at CTC!

Project SEARCH is an dynamic onsite transition-to-work training program specifically designed for 5th year seniors. Project SEARCH is tailored to provide employability skills training, on-the-job experiences, and career exploration opportunities for students with developmental disabilities. The mission of Project SEARCH is to equip young people with significant disabilities with the tools and confidence they need to thrive in competitive integrated employment.

Explore careers and learn new skills

Springfield-Clark CTC's Project SEARCH program is based at Mercy Health-Springfield Regional Medical Center, where students participate in a series of unpaid internships in different areas of the hospital.  Students receive some classroom instruction, but spend the majority of their time participating in their internship.

To help each student reach the goal of competitive employment, our curriculum focuses on work skills, primarily:

  • team building
  • workplace safety
  • technology
  • self-advocacy
  • preparing for and maintaining employment
  • financial literacy
  • health and wellness
  • etiquette
  • social appropriateness
  • resume writing
  • travel training
  • and so much more! 

While these skills are learned on-site at the hospital, they also transfer to employment across several industries

The curriculum for CTC's Project SEARCH program is developed by the Project SEARCH organization. Project SEARCH started  in Cincinnati, Ohio and today has programs in 48 states and 10 countries. The Project SEARCH organization provides curriculum guidelines, program evaluation, technical assistance, and support to CTC's Project SEARCH program.

Project SEARCH partnerships

CTC's Project SEARCH is a collaboration between:

Approximately 74% of adults with significant disabilities are unemployed. Internationally, on the average, 72% of Project SEARCH grads receive employment within the first year of graduating! CTC's  Project SEARCH program has a 94% employment rate!

Project SEARCH Program Information

Project SEARCH Program Photo Album

Happy Holidays from the Project SEARCH Class of 2023!

Several of Project SEARCH's Class of 2023 pose with their instructor and job coaches.

Project SEARCH Class of 2023 poses with instructor Mrs. Baucant in front of the hospital's historical mural.

Congratulations on the new job, JaMarcus! JaMarcus was the first student from CTC's Project SEARCH Class of 2023 to be hired.

Project SEARCH Program Instructor

Jeana Baucant-Koon

Career Technical Education, Special Education, Project Search