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Job Training

A Cosmetology students practices perms in the program salon at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

The Job Training program provides assistance and training to students who require intensive support in order to transition from high school to the work environment. The goal is to help students obtain and maintain competitive or supported employment. This is achieved through individualized and community-based training, collaborating with business partners, and developing a support network.

Job Training student stocks shelves.

The primary learning environment for the students in the Job Training program is the Springfield community where students are provided with hands-on training at the established worksites. The students learn a number of job skills in a variety of settings. One day per week is spent in the classroom to address job seeking and job maintenance skills. 

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Job Training Program Eligibility Requirements

The Job Training Program is a Job Training Coordinating Program as defined by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and has specific eligibility requirements as defined by ODE.
It is recommended that a student in the Job Training Program have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) with a transition plan indicating community-based employment as a reasonable outcome with referral to this program.
In addition, the Job Training Program serves students who:
  • Have evidence of significant needs in transitioning from school to employment.
  • Are 16 years of age through age 21 and eligible for school services.
  • Show evidence of pre-employment activities or training experiences through current special education programs and activities.
  • Have participated in pre employment activities.
  • Have evidence of attempts to access other career-technical options, if appropriate.
  • Have evidence of parental support.

For questions on eligibility for the Job Training Program please contact CTC’s admissions expert, Michael Rice at or 937-325-7368 x113.


Beth Oder

Career Technical Education, Special Education, Job Training