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Automotive Technology & Motorcycle Maintenance

An Auto Tech and Motorcycle Maintenance student examines a motorcycle in the program's lab at the Springfield-Clark CTC.

An ASE  Education Foundation Certified program teaching five automotive concentrations, three motorcycle concentrations, and three life skills concentrations. Junior year students will focus on personal and professional development, safety, auto maintenance, auto braking systems, auto steering and suspensions, motorcycle maintenance, and motorcycle chassis/suspension and brakes. Returning seniors will focus on auto electrical/electronic systems, engine performance, motorcycle electrical systems, and OSHA 10 certification as well as opportunities for work placement providing they meet the requirements from their junior year.

An Automotive Tech and Motorcycle Maintenance student works at a computer in the program lab.

Through various hands-on applications in our advanced auto technology lab, students develop the specific skills needed to advance in today’s increasingly technical industry. Using a host of instructional methods, students are introduced to theory and operation in all areas. This industry has become extremely advanced and the majority of training has become online. Therefore the lab is equipped with trainers that are used industry-wide including Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda.


Dave Rose

Career Technical Education, Automotive Technology & Motorcycle Maintenance