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Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center student Tehya Maxwell with her brother, Travis Maxwell, a graduate of the SCCTC El
Megan Anthony

When Springfield-Clark Career Technology Student Tehya Maxwell was assigned to write a profile about a person of interest for her College Credit Plus English class, she knew just who to choose: her older brother, Travis Maxwell. Travis is a Springfield-Clark CTC graduate who completed the Electrical Trades program and is now the owner of M5 LLC Goods and Services. Read on to see what Tehya learned during their interview. 

Drive, Determination and Hardwork

By Tehya Maxwell

My big brother Travis Maxwell is an outstanding example of drive, determination, and hard work. He began young, navigating his way to eventually arrive where he is in his career now - on the road to success, building his business from the ground up. Travis embodies persistence. 

“CTC is an amazing place to get a start for your career. They do a really good job at preparing you for a running start into your career choice,” conveys Travis. Travis attended Springfield Clark Career Technical Center (CTC) his junior and senior year, studying electrical trades. He believes that his time spent at CTC made an enormous impact on who he is today and really helped him advance in his career. 

Once leaving CTC he went to Saturn Electrical Services where he worked for 5 years. His very first job in his time there was ironically located at CTC, running the electrical for the Jaguar Room, which was being remodeled. After branching off from Saturn, Travis went to Triec Electrical for 8 years. At Triec he spent a lot of time working his way up in the company. He managed things like the pre fabrication shop and spent a lot of time as a field superintendent. 
After working many years at Triec, he realized there was no more room for him to grow.  Triec was family-owned and oriented; the positions above his were held by family members meaning the only way for him to be promoted was for someone in the family to retire.

“My family’s need for a larger income played a big part in my decision, also. You see, with my wife as a stay-at-home-mother, my income is all this family of 5 has to survive. As my family ages and my children grow, the cost of living rises,” he notes. “Spending another 10 years working my way up at another company would not bring enough cash flow fast enough. So I decided I would put myself in a position to let my financial worth be decided by work ethic and drive to succeed.”

The young entrepreneur then decided he was going to create his own business, M5 Goods & Services. He made the decision believing it would be the most beneficial to the life he is creating for his family. While he admits his decision was stressful and can come with doubt, his motivation is even greater. “I am motivated by my children. I have spent a lot of time trying to teach my children that hard work and dedication is the way to live. That your only limitation is one's self. I want them to see that with enough will and determination your goals can be accomplished,” describes Travis. 

“Drive,” is what my brother proclaims, is the key to success. “Failure is only the beginning of progress,” he continues. “It takes a lot of heart and will to pick yourself back up and continue to push forward when you are tired and weak.” Travis contends: “I have not succeeded yet. Many people may argue with that, but in my mind, success brings along a certain level of comfort and feelings of completion. I do not want that, as I have way too many things left to accomplish. I may have had a few good moments here and there, but the big picture is yet to be completed.”
While paying attention to Travis’s interview, I grew curious about what made him the humble, hardworking man he is now. He expresses, “I owe a lot of what I am doing today to my father. He taught me a lot of things as a child. I hated it back then, he would make me help anytime something needed to be fixed. Back then, I did not understand what he was doing for me. I learned how to fix leaky pipes and to repair our vehicles. I now use those skills to keep my own equipment running and to complete my jobs I take on.” As we conversed about his other motivators and/or inspirations, he recalled a poem titled “The Test of Man,” that a teacher read to him in high school that he uses now as a constant reminder to stay driven. In addition, Travis admired the older gentlemen he worked with; he watched and listened to them always absorbing new information and skills.

“The best for me is knowing the sky's the limit. There is no one to seek approval from when I have ideas on how to accomplish my goals and aspirations.” Travis appreciates the feeling of accomplishment he gets when his customers are satisfied with his work. He enjoys knowing he can make the vision in his clients minds come to life with the work he can do. “When I complete a job and see the customers smile and sense of joy it brings me joy,” he claims.

When his drive, determination, hard work, and success are undeniable, he still remains humble. Travis plans on spending much more time on his company to create something memorable and helpful to the community.  

To conclude our interview I asked Travis, "What are your favorite characteristics about yourself?" 

Travis humbly replied, “I am not sure. Never really thought about it, I guess. I will leave it up to everyone else to decide.”