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SRO Deputy Anderson Recognized by County Commission

SRO Deputy Anderson Recognized by County Commission
The Commissioners of Clark County declared today School Resource Officer (SRO) Day across the county. This special recognition highlights the contributions of the SROs like our very own Deputy Anderson, who works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our entire school community.
At Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC), we take pride in fostering a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment for our students. Deputy Anderson is an active and integral part of our team dedicated to this mission. With his approachable demeanor and genuine interest in connecting with students, Deputy Anderson has earned the respect of both staff and students alike

Building Trust and Rapport

Deputy Anderson is well-respected among both staff and students at CTC. His approachable demeanor and genuine interest in connecting with students has fostered a sense of trust and safety. By treating students with respect and offering a listening ear, Deputy Anderson helps students develop a personal, positive image of law enforcement. This rapport encourages students to seek him out not only for serious matters but also for casual conversations, and sometimes good natured joking.

Creating a Positive School Culture

Deputy Anderson's dedication to developing relationships with all students has contributed immensely to the positive and inclusive culture at CTC. Students feel comfortable approaching him with their issues, knowing they will be met with understanding and respect. His presence and willingness to engage in meaningful conversations make him a trusted adult figure on campus, almost like having a wiser, big brother around!

From Student to Mentor

Adding to his unique connection with our community, Deputy Anderson is a proud CTC alumnus. Having walked these halls as a student, he brings a deep, personal understanding of our school's environment. This shared background enhances his ability to relate to current students and underscores his commitment to their well-being. 

Commitment to Campus Safety

Beyond his day-to-day interactions, Deputy Anderson meets with building administration to discuss campus safety issues, concerns, and ideas. His proactive approach ensures that our campus remains a safe and secure place for everyone. Deputy Anderson is always willing to help, whether it’s addressing safety concerns or simply stopping to chat with a student. His approachable nature and commitment to the well-being of our students make him an invaluable part of our school team.
We are incredibly fortunate to have Deputy Anderson as part of our team, and his impact resonates throughout our school, helping us fulfill our mission of preparing students to be READY for their future. Thank you, Deputy Anderson, for all you do!

CTC's Executive Director, Mr. Chris James, shares a few words about Deputy Anderson's commitment to and passion for helping students.

School Resource Officers (SRO) from across Clark County were recognized by the Clark County Commissioners for their invaluable contributions to our schools and community. Pictured with several SROs are Commissioner Wilt and Commissioner Rittenhouse.