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Senior Signing Day

Senior Signing Day

The Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC) recently hosted its second annual Senior Signing Day, an annual event that celebrates the diverse paths our graduating seniors are taking as they prepare for life beyond high school. This year, nearly 300 seniors participated in the event, which took place in the school cafeteria. Families, friends, employers, college representatives, and military recruiters gathered to celebrate the seniors and their future endeavors.

Seated at a main table alongside their career-tech program classmates, students proudly signed certificates declaring their intentions to pursue employment, college enrollment, or military enlistment. This symbolic signing marked the culmination of their hard work and career development at CTC and signaled the beginning of their future journeys.

The majority of seniors committed to enrollment in various colleges and universities, while others announced their plans to enter the workforce immediately. A smaller but equally significant group pledged to serve their country through military enlistment. 

"We are incredibly proud of our seniors and their achievements," said CTC's Superintendent, Michelle Patrick. "It's a joy to see them embrace their future with confidence and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see the positive impact they will make on our community and beyond."

We extend our warmest wishes to all our graduating seniors and look forward to hearing about their successes in the years to come. For photos from the event visit for a photos by program and to download photos.