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Roll Out the Red Carpet: ELA 11 Film Festival Award Winners

Roll Out the Red Carpet: ELA 11 Film Festival Award Winners
The creative spirit of Springfield-Clark CTC students was in the spotlight at the ELA Film Awards Festival. The event, hosted by Mrs. Carn, showcased the talent and imagination of this semester’s English Language Arts 11 students. Students, teachers, and staff gathered to watch the student-produced films, enjoy movie snacks, and celebrate the winners.

Lights, Camera, Action: The Process

Over the course of two weeks, the student filmmakers developed story concepts and chose one to bring to life in a film trailer. Each two-minute trailer featured intricate characters, immersive settings, engaging plots, thought-provoking themes, and meticulously crafted tones. What set this film festival apart was the peer-driven voting process, where the winners were chosen by the students themselves, not by teachers. This unique gave students “voice and choice” in recognizing the creativity and skill of their classmates.

And the Award Goes to...

Best Cinematography: The Algorithm by Kimahrijana Wallace
Celebrating excellence in visual storytelling and camera work.

Best Character Development: The Algorithm by Kimahrijana Wallace
Recognizing the most compelling character arcs, including growth, depth, and impact on the narrative.

Best Editing: The Wishing Flower by Addison Brittingham
Honoring excellence in editing, which shapes the final story.

Best Original Screenplay: The Wishing Flower by Addison Brittingham
Awarding the most creative and original screenplay concept.

Best Production Design: The Orange Butterfly by Naysa Huffman
Recognizing the film with the most cohesive visual aesthetic, including sets, costumes, and props.

Best Visual Effects: The Wishing Flower by Addison Brittingham
Celebrating the best use of visual effects, including stop motion and practical effects.

Best Sound Editing: Bites by Jordan Williams
Honoring excellence in editing and manipulating sound elements to enhance the film's atmosphere.

Best Romance Picture: Love in the West by Tucker Miller
Highlighting stories centered on love and intimate relationships.

Best Drama Picture: Dying Words by Jesus Villegas-Gutierrez
Recognizing films with realistic portrayals of emotional conflicts and interpersonal relationships.

Best Mystery Picture: Dalila by Ti'annah Stone
Awarding the best mystery film, filled with suspense and intrigue.

Best Horror/Thriller Picture: Flash Warning by Allyson Riggs
Honoring films that evoke fear, suspense, and psychological tension.

Best Animation Picture: I’m Hungry by Hunter Brady
Recognizing the best-animated film, showcasing creativity in various animation techniques.

Best Crime/Action: Doll Shop by Chelsea Tucker
Celebrating films with intense action and crime-driven narratives.

Outstanding Creativity Award: The Wishing Flower by Addison Brittingham
Honoring the film that demonstrates the most exceptional and inventive use of creative elements in storytelling.

Congratulations to all of the Film Awards Festival participants and winners!