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CTC Student Recognized at National Invention Convention

CTC Student Recognized at National Invention Convention

We are thrilled to share that one of our creative and talented students, Camden Keeran, has received national recognition for one of his innovations! Camden, a Computer Graphic Design junior from Kenton Ridge High School, was recently recognized as the 1st Place winner within the 10th grade division for his invention, Dash Stash. After winning in both the local and state competitions, Camden earned a spot to compete at Invention Convention U.S. Nationals.

What is Dash Stash?

Dash Stash is designed to keep delivered food warm, dry, and safe once it arrives at the customer’s house. It could revolutionize the food delivery service industry by improving customer satisfaction and reducing delivery time. Specific details of the patent pending invention are being kept under wraps to protect Camden’s intellectual property.

The Birth of Dash Stash

The inspiration for Dash Stash came to Camden after a frustrating experience with a food delivery service. “One evening,” shared Camden, “I ordered food through Door Dash and was really looking forward to eating it. Only when I got to the porch, I discovered a neighborhood dog got to it before I did!” Additionally, he noticed that his food often arrived cold. Through his research, Camden identified that the two most common complaints among delivery service users were late deliveries and cold food. This motivated him to develop the Dash Stash to address these issues.

Building on Success: Past Inventions

While securing a patent may be a new world to Camden, inventing useful items is not. Camden started inventing just over five years ago and has several other state-winning inventions, including:

  • Sole Mate - A solution to prevent lost socks in the laundry.
  • Sun Smudge - An improved way to apply sunscreen.
  • Medi-Case - A way to always have necessary medication with you.

Reflecting on his journey as an inventor, Camden shared “Inventing has helped me to become a creative person and has improved my ability to problem solve. It has also helped my confidence with things such as presenting and being able to accomplish big tasks.”

A Bright Future Ahead

While at Invention Convention U.S. Nationals, Camden and the other inventors had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the casting crew of Shark Tank, the popular TV show that highlights and funds inventions. It is possible that further Dash Stash discussions could come from that opportunity. In the meantime, Camden is getting ready to take his latest invention, Green Gate, to Invention Convention Ohio, with the hopes of continuing on to the U.S. Nationals next year.

Camden’s journey exemplifies the mission of Springfield-Clark CTC: to equip every student for success beyond graduation, regardless of their chosen path. Superintendent Michelle Patrick emphasized, “The path to success varies for each of our students. Whether they land their dream job, pursue additional schooling, enlist in the military, or start a business, each and every student has the potential for a fulfilling career.”

We are committed to preparing students like Camden to excel in their endeavors, ensuring they are Career Ready, College Ready, and Life Ready. His success inspires us all and reflects the spirit of innovation we strive to foster here at CTC. We are incredibly proud of Camden and wish him well with his newest invention!

Camden Keeran pitched his Dash Stash invention to the casting crew of Shark Tank during Invention Convention U.S. Nationals!

Camden showcases his innovative Dash Stash, keeping food deliveries warm and safe!