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CTC Mock Crash Drives Home Road Safety Message

CTC Mock Crash Drives Home Road Safety Message

Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center (CTC) recently hosted an impactful Mock Crash simulation. designed to educate students about the dangers of intoxicated and distracted driving. This year's event took place last week in the school's parking lot and involved CTC students and staff, as well as several local service agencies.

A Scenario with a Serious Message

The Mock Crash scene was set using real vehicles including smashed cars, law enforcement cruisers, EMS ambulances, a CareFlight helicopter, and a hearse. The scenario depicted an intoxicated driver causing a crash resulting in a teenage fatality.  CTC students and staff played the roles of victims, while personnel from various service agencies participated in their respective real-life roles to ensure a realistic simulation.

The hour-long simulation was narrated, providing facts and statistics about seat belt use, impaired driving, distracted driving, and safe driving. It also described the medical and investigative processes as they unfolded, adding to the educational impact of the event. The scenario culminated with the deceased teenage victim being removed from the scene via the funeral home's hearse, reinforcing the finality of the tragedy.

The Immediate and Future Impact

The Mock Crash experience is designed to be a powerful reminder of the importance of safe driving and the consequences of distracted and impaired driving. By witnessing firsthand the potential outcomes of irresponsible behavior, students gain a heightened sense of responsibility and awareness. The scenario highlighted how an accident can impact the victim's families, friends, and the wider community. 

Special Thanks to All Involved

CTC's EMT instructor, Mrs. Harwood, coordinated the event with multiple local service agencies and personnel. "The presence of CareFlight and the hearse from Littleton and Rue elevated our Mock Crash experience. Providing this level of realism for CTC students truly takes a village, and we're grateful to everyone who participated in the event and worked behind the scenes to make it happen. It’s been six years since our last mock crash due to COVID, and we look forward to hosting it every two years."  CTC staff and administration were instrumental in supporting this event.

EMT students played the role of victims and served as spotters, monitoring the student audience for signs of distress. Criminal Justice students also as spotters. Digital Media Design students were on-site as event photographers, bee sure to check the photo album for some of their work.

CTC's very own talented actor and singer, Mrs. Shaffer, Director of CTE & Student Development, played the role of injured driver.

Dan's Towing & Recovery contributed pre-smashed cars, lending a realistic touch to the scene.

Springfield Township EMS personnel were instrumental in assisting with the scene, providing extraction equipment and assistance with other key elements. Notably, Jessica (Hawbecker) Graham, Joey Hawbecker, and Steven Jordan, all CTC EMT program alumni, played important roles in orchestrating and executing the event. A special shout-out to Jessica for her coordination and scheduling assistance.

Carolyn Harrington, also an EMT program alum, served as the scenario narrator.

Deputy Anderson, CTC's School Resource Officer and Clark County Sheriff Office Deputy, worked alongside Officer Baker from the State Highway Patrol, providing on-scene law enforcement.

The CareFlight Air and Mobile Services team enhanced the realism by landing their medical helicopter on-site, contributing to the visual and sensory experience of the simulation.

Corey Knox and Bryce Haythe from Littleton and Rue Funeral Home and Crematory played the roles of coroners and funeral home staff, emphasizing the gravity and finality of a tragic accident.

With the support of these dedicated individuals and organizations, the Mock Crash at Springfield-Clark CTC was a powerful learning experience, underscoring the importance of road safety and responsible driving.