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New Facility Levy Heads Back to The Ballot

New Facility Levy Heads Back to The Ballot
We greatly appreciate the 44% of Clark County voters who voted in support of Springfield-Clark CTC’s levy in the November. Despite the outcome, we remain committed to pursuing a levy to fund a new facility. CTC’s Board of Education voted to put the levy back on the.

What's next?

The levy will appear on the ballot for the primary election on March 19. In the coming weeks, we will actively engage with the community to address any fact-based lingering questions or concerns. Your input is invaluable, and we invite you to explore for updated information.

What is the need?

Springfield-Clark CTC first opened its doors in 1967 as the Springfield-Clark Joint Vocational School. In the nearly 60 years since then the workforce has changed significantly. A new facility would provide updated technology and training resources to provide students with hands-on, practical experience employers are looking for while also planning for the next 50 years of workforce development in Clark County.

What happens if it fails again?

If the levy fails, the $38.7 million of state funding will likely no longer be available. The state funding portion is nearly half of the cost of a new facility. Additional impacts are being discussed by school administration. For up-to-date info visit

Bridging the gap

CTC strives to be a bridge between students and local employers to understand what skills are needed for jobs today and in the future and their value to the industry. Through our Program Advisory Committees, we connect with over 200 professionals in the local area to review curriculum and make suggestions to improve content, methods, technology, and other systems.

Student impact on local economy

CTC’s Work Placement program engages local employers to provide part-time jobs, internships, and apprenticeships. Last school year, over 100 CTC students on work placement were able to “earn and learn” while working part-time at local businesses. Their combined wages totaled over $1M - a significant contribution to our local economy!

CTC's impact

It’s a challenge to discover a business in Clark County that hasn’t experienced a positive impact from a CTC/JVS graduate. Our graduates touch every industry; skilled trades, healthcare, public service, agriculture, education, manufacturing, construction, business, creative professionals, and the service industry.

CTC is committed to continuing to bridge the skills gap, educating students, and being an integral part of closing Clark County's gap within the skilled workforce.