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Student Ambassadors

What is the Student Ambassador Program?

CTC Student Ambassadors represent CTC at area schools, assist at events, and are often called upon to represent CTC in the community. Student Ambassadors are often tasked with answering questions about CTC and their program, assisting with tours, and visiting other schools.
CTC Student Ambassadors are seniors who are selected toward the end of their junior year by their program instructor to represent the program as an ambassador. Once selected in your junior year you will attend training with the other Student Ambassadors.

What do Student Ambassadors do?

As a  Student Ambassador you'd be  representing CTC  in many ways and each year different opportunities occur, so each year is not the same.  Some of the opportunities Student Ambassadors have had are:
  • Assisting Mr. Rice with lunch displays and presentations at local schools
  • Helping visitors,  students and families find their way around CTC during events like Career Exploration Days and Open House
  • Speaking with other ambassadors in small groups to CTC guests and visitors like elected officials, school administrators, and companies assisting CTC.

What does it take to be a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors represent CTC and are often asked to miss class to attend an event, so you must have good grades and attendance . You should be comfortable speaking to other students and adults in one-on-one and small groups. There may be instances where you will be asked to speak to larger audiences about your experience as a CTC student.

Who can be a Student Ambassador?

Students in a Career Tech program are eligible (Jaguar Academy, Job Training, and Project SEARCH programs are not Career Tech programs).

How can a student participate in Student Ambassadors?

We do not have positions or roles within Student Ambassadors and we  work together as a team. There is typically 30 ambassadors each year.

What is the benefit of being a Student Ambassador?

As a Student Ambassador you'll learn how to speak in front of large groups and you'll learn many tips on being professional, all great skills that will be important in getting hired and promoted at your job! You'll also learn communication skills and develop a confidence in yourself! Many past  ambassadors didn’t think they could speak in front of their peers, but once they did they felt accomplished and proud of themselves!

Who should I talk to about becoming a Student Ambassador?

Start by speaking with your lab instructor, as Student Ambassadors are selected by their lab instructor. Once you're selected as a Student Ambassador you'll work with Mr. Rice who is the coordinator for the Student Ambassador team's appearances and assistance.