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Drug Free Club

What is Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America?

Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America (ADFCA) is a student-led initiative designed to foster a positive and drug-free school environment through peer-to-peer support and rewards. Students who join ADFCA voluntarily commit to regular drug testing and receive exciting rewards throughout the year to encourage a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The program aims to create a supportive community that empowers students to resist peer pressure and make smart choices.

What does CTC's chapter of ADFCA do?

CTC's chapter of Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America (ADFCA) promote a drug-free lifestyle through regular testing and various events. Partnering with Mercy Health, the program offers support and counseling to students and families who are choosing to remain drug-free but might be struggling. The students' commitment to a drug-free lifestyle is reinforced through random drug tests, providing a valid reason to refuse substance use, and fun rewards like donuts, ice cream socials, and movie days. This positive peer pressure helps create a culture where saying "no" to drugs is both cool and rewarding.

Who can join ADFCA?

Everyone! The Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America (ADFCA) chapter at CTC is open to all students with a parent's consent. To join, students complete a simple and private drug test. If the results confirm they are drug-free, they become members and receive their club card, giving them access to exclusive rewards and opportunities.

How can I participate in ADFCA?

If you're interested in becoming a leader within Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America, you can take on the role of a student officer. Student officers play a crucial role in promoting the club, organizing events, and spreading the word about the benefits of being drug-free. Chapter coordinators select student officers who are natural leaders within the school, allowing peer-to-peer influence to guide the program's success. You can also participate by engaging in events, supporting club activities, and encouraging your friends to join.

What is the benefit of being in ADFCA?

Joining Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America (ADFCA) offers multiple benefits. Not only do members receive a safety net through drug testing, allowing them to say "no" to peer pressure, but they also enjoy a variety of rewards throughout the year. Members report that the visibility of these rewards helps deter others from offering drugs, creating a supportive environment where substance use is less likely to occur. Being a part of ADFCA also opens doors to meet other like-minded students, fostering new friendships and strengthening the school's drug-free culture.

Who should I talk to about ADFCA?

Start by speaking with your lab instructor. You can also speak with one of the Ater's Drug Free Clubs of America (ADFCA) advisors:
  • Mrs. Spangler - School Counselor
  • Mrs. Carn - English Instructor
  • Mrs.  Coy - Intervention Specialist

What to expect on drug testing day

  • Applications are completed by parents & students, and turned into the front office.
  • On test day students are called to the front office, where they are told it’s ADFCA test day and they are told where to go for testing.
  • The student arrives at the testing area, signs in, and is handed their application back (it has the parent’s signature as a consent to do the test that the collectors will need to see).
  • The applicant sits down at computers or tablets to create their online ADFCA account and take an anonymous survey.
  • Photo taking is the next station, where the student’s picture is taken and gets linked to the account just created.
  • On to the bathroom. Students show their signed application to the collector, and go in the bathroom alone. After filling a sample cup ½ way, they leave their sample in the restroom and come out to let the collector know they are finished.
  • The collector completes a medical form with the student, and gives them a hall pass. There is no indication of any test result and the collector does NOT need to be told about any prescriptions.
  • Students end their test day at a goodie bag station, filling a lunch bag with treats. Schools are highly encouraged to allow students to eat their treats in class in front of the other students so they all know this person was just tested so it’s not even worth trying to offer any substances.
  • Parents are contacted regarding any samples where the lab confirms the presence of substances. Prescriptions are verified and/or conversations are held about what was present.
  • In about a month ID cards arrive at school welcoming students into the club who passed their drug test and rewards begin! As a part of Parents also receive letters at home congratulating them on their child’s acceptance, and urging them to talk to their teen about this membership.

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