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Student Showcase 2024

Celebrating Student Achievements

✨ Student Showcase 
📅 Friday, March 15

Student Showcase: Student Showcase is a day-long event that provides students with the opportunity to show off their skills and achievements. During the event, students will present a wide range of projects, including lab projects and work from academic classes.

🎓 Seniors, this is for you! Seniors, this is your moment to shine! Your participation is required, as the Student Showcase is a celebration of all your hard work and accomplishments during your time at CTC. Embrace this opportunity to showcase everything you've learned and achieved. Sophomores and juniors, your participation is optional.

Showcase Schedule

The day will be divided into 4 Rounds:

  • Round 1: 8am - 9am
  • Round 2: 9am - 11am
  • Round 3: 11am - 1pm
  • Round 4: 1pm - 2pm

To find your assigned Round time check your email for an email from Mr. James with a link to the schedule.

All About Rounds

Each Round is divided into 2 portions:

  • Presentation Portion: Students present during this time. Presentations will be science fair-like, where you speak to the individual or small group of individuals that approach your station.
  • Peer Review Portion: During this time, students will watch other students present. Each student will peer review at least one student outside of their lab/program by completing a Peer-2-Peer Evaluation form.

You MUST stay for your entire assigned Round, unless you're on Work Placement.

Showcase Evaluations

Student Showcase Evaluation forms will be completed by judges and peer reviewers (other students) and turned in to the Main Office. Completed Evaluation forms will be given back to you the week after Student Showcase by your lab teacher.
If you chose to enter the competition, your Student Showcase Evaluations will be scored and entered into the competition. Prizes will be awarded the week after Student Showcase.

Grades & Attendance Requirements

To receive attendance credit and a grade you MUST do all 3 things:
  1. Sign in at the Main Office.
  2. Complete your presentation.
  3. Turn in at least one Peer-2-Peer Evaluation form (and sign out at the end of your assigned Round).

Breakfast & Lunch

7:15 to 8:15 a.m. - Breakfast will be served grab-n-go style

10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Lunch will be served grab-n-go style.

Make Sure You:

  • Bring any materials or props you may need for your presentations.
  • Bring your Chromebook fully charged if you need to play a video or need to show a presentation.
  • Wear your CTC uniform.
  • Complete all 3 items under the Grades & Attendance Requirements section.

Parents and Family Members are Invited!

You can invite a parent or family member to watch your presentation! Have your parent or family member park in Lot A and enter through the Main Entrance. They will sign in and be directed to your presentation area.