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Uniforms & Tools

CTC Student Uniforms

At Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, all students are required to wear uniforms tailored to their specific career-tech programs. Uniforms foster a professional learning environment and prepare our students for the workforce.

First Day Ready: Every student must be in their designated uniform on the first day of class. This sets the tone for a professional, focused school year.

Program Specifics: Each career-tech program has its own unique uniform requirements. For detailed information on what your program requires, check the list below. 

Uniform Quantity & Fees: 
The Uniform Sheet linked below will have both required and optional items on the sheet, as well as the minimum quantity needed.

  • New students: The cost of your required uniform items will be added to your school fees. No need to worry about paying for them upfront! If you decide to order any optional items, those will need to be paid for at the time of ordering.
  • Returning students: If you'd like to order new uniform items you will need to pay for them at time of ordering. EXCEPT Health Occ students who are going into their senior year and need the correct uniform for their Nurse Assisting, Medical Assisting, or EMT program

For information on covering the cost of uniforms, see the Fee Assistance section at the bottom of this page.

Uniform Supplier: The MacRay Company

Uniform Source: The MacRay Company is CTC's uniform supplier. They understand our requirements and offer high-quality uniforms that meet our standards.

The MacRay Company
100 W. North Street
Springfield, OH 45504

Open: Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

In-Person Fittings: We highly recommend visiting The MacRay Company in person to ensure the correct sizing. Remember, uniforms are not returnable, so a proper fit is crucial.

CTC Student Tool Kits

Each career-tech program has specific tools your student will need. Some programs have required tools while others do not. Check the CTC website or click on the program below in the list to see detailed requirements. Program Specific: Some career-tech programs require tool kits, some do not. Check the list below for details.
Ownership: These tools are not just for school – upon completion of their program and payment of all school fees in full, the tools become your student's property. This means they’re ready to hit the ground running in their chosen career with their own professional-grade equipment.
Tool Kit Fees:  The cost of tool kits will be added to the student's school fees. For information on covering the cost of tools, see the Fee Assistance section at the bottom of this page.

Uniform & Tool Kit Information by Career-Tech Program

Each career-tech program has specific tool and equipment requirements. These tools are essential for the hands-on learning experience that CTC prides itself on. The uniform and tool information for your program is under each program name.

Ensuring you have the correct uniform and tools from day one sets you up for a successful year at CTC. It’s all about being Career Ready, College Ready, and Life Ready!

Fee Assistance for Uniforms and Tool Kits

The CTC Fee Assistance Program is designed to help parents and students with the costs of CTC school fees, uniforms, and tool kits. To qualify for Fee Assistance, a student must be approved to receive Free Lunch through the National School Lunch Program.

The National School Lunch Program releases criteria annually to determine a student's eligibility for Free/Reduced School Meals. To  qualify for Fee Assistance, you will need to apply for Free/Reduced School Meals.  Visit for information and a link to the Free/Reduced School Meal Application. For questions on fees and fee assistance call Mrs. Holstein 937-325-7368 x118.