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Program of Study

The Springfield-Clark CTC Course and Career Program of Study guide will help prepare you to be ready for your future and to reach your career goals. The programs at CTC are focused to help you be Career Ready. College Ready. Life Ready.

This guide will help you identify your Career Field, Course Pathway, and the coursework you can take over the course of the time you are here.

How to use the guide
STEP 1. Identify the Career Field and Course Pathways that most interest you and fit your strengths.

STEP 2. Read the “Requirements for Graduation” (Section 1) in the Program of Study.

STEP 3. Use your transcript to help you determine what courses you need to graduate. Please also check with your home school counselor to make sure you know what you need to graduate.

STEP 4. Use the Course Pathways (Section 3) to help guide your course selections for your Schedule. Please read the course descriptions for each course you would like to take. Keep in mind the requirements you need to complete for graduation.

STEP 5. Select the courses for your schedule!


Course & Career Program of Study 2024-2025

Course & Career Program of Study 2023-2024