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Hall of Fame

Welcome to the CTC Hall of Fame where CTC alumni are honored and celebrated for their outstanding contributions. This high honor is bestowed on CTC alumni who have achieved success in their career, shown exemplary character, provided community leadership, and upheld the highest standards of service to their profession. 

Many Hall of Fame inductees have served or are currently serving on one of CTC's Program Advisory Committees, provided mentorship for students, facilitated job opportunities,  volunteered to judge student contests, and have advocated for CTC and career technical education. The CTC Hall of Fame honors alumni that have carried the torch of excellence beyond the classroom into their schools, professions, and communities.

Nominations Open!

Nominations are open until November 10, 2023.

Nominees qualifications:

  • The nominee  must have graduated prior to 2018
  • The nominee cannot be nominated by a family member.

Nominate someone today!

CTC Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 Inductees

  • Heather Jordan
  • Randy Kapp
  • Kasey Lowry
  • Robert Powell
  • Karen Rice
  • Ty Whitmore
  • Mendy Williams

2015 Inductees

  • Melissa Hepp Blacker
  • Paula Crew
  • Jason Hill
  • Tracie Miller
  • Stephen Stamper

2012 Inductees

  • Mark Goheen
  • Tina VanHoose

2011 Inductees

  • Mark Parks
  • Lori (Roller) Ritzenthaler

2010 Inductees

  • Joyce Chilton
  • Leatrece Terhune

2009 Inductees

  • Howard Beaver
  • Mike Rice

2008 Inductees

  • Len McConnaughey
  • Brian Patterson

2007 Inductees

  • Anne Emmons
  • Joe Faust
  • Cathie Scott

2006 Inductees

  • Rick Benning
  • Scott Naill

2005 Inductees

  • Denise Dalton
  • Mary (Payne) Leonard
  • Michael Rice

2004 Inductees

  • Cindy (German) Metzger
  • Floyd Whitmer

2003 Inductees

  • Natalie (Monroe) Deselem
  • Kirk Sexton

2002 Inductees

  • Chris Minette
  • Jeff Scanlan

2001 Inductees

  • Sandra (Natalie) Barnett
  • John Cooke

2000 Inductees

  • Sue (Wick) Douglass
  • Patricia (Willis) McVey
  • William Weller
  • Dr. Lynn (Achtermann) Wellman

1999 Inductees

  • Julee (Livingston) Hildenbrand
  • Eric Laughlin
  • John Walter Mock
  • Brian Scanlan
  • Tim Sheerin
  • Jennifer (Gilliam) Tuttle

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

Have questions about the Hall of Fame or nominations process? Please reach out to CTC's Hall of Fame coordinator Michael Rice.

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