Computer Graphic Arts

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Do you like to be creative? You can study the business of art & design using Macintosh computer systems! Almost everything you come in contact with — from advertisements in magazines, bill-boards, industrial design of toys, cars, and chairs to the packaging of CD covers and cereal boxes — has to be designed by someone! The newest gadgets or advertisements could be designed by you.


Virtual Open House

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Students develop skills while working in a Computer Graphic Arts lab with an experienced instructor. During the two-year program, assignments are developed that will help each student create a physical and on-line portfolio of their work.


Experience and Skills Gained

  • Drawing techniques - pencil & ink
  • Painting - opaque & wash
  • Perspective rendering
  • Design & composition
  • Typography & color theory
  • Image editing - Adobe Photoshop
  • Page layout - Adobe InDesign
  • Computer illustration - Adobe Illustrator
  • Multimedia basics, Adobe Premiere, Flash, After Effects
  • Web design basics - Dreamweaver


A Few of the Career Opportunities

  • Advertising Designer
  • Art Director
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Graphic Designer
  • General Illustrator
  • Interior Designer
  • Multi-media Specialist
  • Production Artist
  • Publications Designer
  • Web Page Designer


College Scholarship Opportunities

$3,000 scholarships are available from Clark State Community College and Sinclair Community College to qualified students. The Modern College of Design (formally the School of Advertising Art) awards a $5,000 scholarship for students passing the Computer Graphic Arts Program and applying to their school.


Credentials/ Certifications - ODE Value

Adobe Illustrator CS6 - 4 Points

Adobe InDesign CS6 - 4 Points

Adobe Photoshop CS6 - 4 Points


Clark State Community College - Sem. Hrs.

GPH 1001     Intro. to Graphic Design - 4 Credits

ART 1111     Drawing I - 3 Credits  

VIS 1208     Typography - 4 Credits

GPH 1201     Electronic Imagery - 3 Credits


Sinclair Community College Credits - Sem. Hrs.

VIS 1100 Design Foundations - 4 Credits

VIS 1110 Design Drawing - 4 Credits

VIS 1140 Design Processes I - 4 Credits


Students will have the opportunity to earn credentials and college credits based on final program grades and /or test scores.

All credentials and college credits are current as of the posting of this website, but are subject to change.

Additional Info

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Phone: 937.325.7368
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