Veterinary Science

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The animal care industry is a rapidly growing segment of today’s business world. Americans love animals; in fact we spend over fifty-five billion dollars a year on our pets. We consider them to be a part of the family, and we treat them accordingly. Our animal-loving ways have created new career opportunities and people who work with animals have plenty of customers.

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Through a blending of a strong academic component with rigorous hands-on work, students will gain the insight into the skills necessary for success in the veterinary industry. Students in this program handle and provide care for a variety of animals on a daily basis. The basic hands-on experience gives student comfort and confidence while working around a variety of different animal species. In a lab setting, students learn restraint and handling of animals, specimen collection techniques for laboratory samples, surgical assisting, and preventative health management plans. Students will study animal behavior and training, anatomy and physiology and medical terminology.

Experience and Skills Gained

  • Animal care
  • Animal handling and socialization
  • Animal nutrition and feeding/watering
  • Animal behavior management
  • Pet emergency care
  • Basic grooming skills
  • Animal exercise
  • Kennel cleaning and sanitation
  • Customer service
  • Anatomy and Physiology


A Few of the Career Opportunities

  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary Assistant/Technician
  • Animal Trainer
  • Animal Research Assistant
  • Veterinary Office Worker
  • Natural Wildlife Specialist
  • Zoologist
  • Kennel Owner/Operator
  • Animal Groomer


College Scholarship Opportunities
$3,000 scholarships are available from Clark State Community College and Sinclair Community
College to qualified students.


Credentials/ Certifications - ODE Value

OSHA 10-hour Training - 1 Point

CPR/First Aid - 1 Point

Pet Saver First Aid/CPR Training - N/A


Sinclair Community College Credits - Sem. Hrs.

VET 1102     Intro to Veterinary Technology I - 2 Credits

VET 1202     Intro to Veterinary - 2 Credits

HIM 1101     Medical Terminology - 2 Credits

VET 1120     Intro to Large Animal Science: Handling & Husbandry - 3 Credits


Students will have the opportunity to earn credentials and college credits based on final program grades and /or test scores.

All credentials and college credits are current as of the posting of this website, but are subject to change.

Additional Info

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