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At the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center, we offer students the opportunity to learn skills for a lifetime so they graduate high school ready for career, college, and life.

Career Ready.

Each of our programs is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the program of their choosing. While finishing their high school education, Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center students are gaining entry-level skills in their chosen field, work and volunteer experience, and working toward relevant credentials or licensure. With the support of dedicated career tech educators who bring industry experience and perspectives to the classroom, students leave the CTC prepared to enter the workforce. 

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College Ready.

As students are developing their career skills in career tech programs, they are also completing all of their required academic credits for high school graduation. Just like our associate high schools, the Springfield-Clark CTC offers advanced classes,  electives, and foundational academic courses to help students achieve their educational goals. CTC students can take college credit plus courses to earn college credits while still in high school and every student at the Springfield-Clark CTC has an opportunity to earn a $3,000 scholarship to Clark State or Sinclair. 

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Life Ready.

Career Tech programs are designed to help students develop the skills that will be essential to their success in any pathway after high school. The importance of attendance and arriving on-time are emphasized to ensure students meet their program requirements. Students are expected to meet program and school dress codes, represent themselves and their program professionally while in the community, and to meet goals to complete their program. Collaboration with classmates is a key component of our hands-on lab instruction embedded in every program and students learn about job interviews, resumes, applications, and more through early placement. 

With an emphasis on these life skills that every employer looks for, students leave the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center ready for a successful life ahead.