Career Based Intervention Program

Career Based Intervention (CBI) is a work-study program. The CBI program is designed for students that have been identified as benefiting from a combined academic and work experience school day. CBI students are enrolled in online academic courses at the Springfield-Clark CTC and receive additional classroom instruction in job related skills. CBI students have a flex-time release for work. Students who are unemployed will complete volunteer assignments as well as filling out job applications, interviewing, and job training scenarios. Students can receive up to 4 elective credits for the CBI Lab.

Students in the CBI program complete Individual Success Plans which guide them through high school and get them focused on a career. Students learn to set goals related to the career they choose.

Special points of interest

  •  Academic Classes are taken online
  •  Students can do assignments anywhere that internet access is available
  •  Students have a flex time release
  •  Small class sizes
  •  Students can complete classes early
  •  Class is self paced with no bell schedule
  •  Students learn to set goals
  •  Great opportunity to get a jump start on your career
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