Carpentry Projects

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Carpentry Projects


The Springfield-Clark CTC Carpentry program is proud to provide services within our community.  In the interest of keeping our students safe, all work must be all new and free-standing.  No demolition or rehabilitation projects can be accepted.  Each year, the students build a Project House starting with an empty lot to full completion.  Other projects offered include pole barns, free-standing garages, shelter houses, and accessibility ramps.  To see if your project might qualify, please see the criteria below.    




Project locations must be within a 20 minute drive of the SCCTC campus.  Projects are completed on-site by students under the guidance of our instructors.  A contract outlining cost, requirements and expectations is required prior to the commencement of any project by the Carpentry program.




The cost of each project will be outlined in the project contract and will include transportation, materials, and any other costs associated with the project.  As the projects are a learning experience for our students, the total cost for the client is greatly reduced.  Donations are greatly appreciated for the Carpentry program rotary which is used for scholarship opportunities for our students.        


Project House


The Project House is selected through a lottery process.  Preliminary plans must be submitted along with the initial application.  Blue prints, permits, and building materials must be provided by the client. 


In order to be considered for the lottery, applicants must:


  • Submit house plans for the SCCTC construction trades advisory committee to review prior to February 25th.

  • Have a lot picked out and purchased or in the process of purchasing.

  • Have made initial contact with a lending institution about financial arrangements.

  • Have $1,000.00 down payment at the time of the lottery in March.


The Electrical and HVAC programs are also involved in completing the Project House.  

To see a video of a previous project house, click here.


Other Projects 


The Carpentry program is also available to build other carpentry projects, including:


  • Pole Barn (up to 40’x60’x12’)

  • Free-standing Garage 

  • Shelter House

  • Accessibility Ramp


These projects must be completely new construction and independent of other structures.  In the interest of keeping our students safe, all work must be all new and free-standing.  The Carpentry program is not able to accept renovation, rehabilitation, or demolition projects of any type.  


To apply for a carpentry project, please click here.


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