Auto Services

The automotive industry remains among the fastest growing business sectors in the United States. Because automobiles are the main means of transportation for most U.S. residents, repair and maintenance of cars and trucks is a necessity. Automotive related occupations will continue to grow, requiring highly skilled, technical training to keep pace with the industry. The SCCTC Transportation Systems curriculum focuses on developing these technical skills - and then applying them to real-workplace scenarios - helping our graduates gain the experience they need to secure high paying jobs upon graduation, or seamlessly transition into higher education classes.

Auto Services
In this course open to juniors and seniors, students learn firsthand the basic fundamentals of auto servicing and repair. Students enjoy practical, on-the job training as they work with instructors in a modern facility that operates as a real automotive service center. From basic engine repair to replacing brakes, students gain invaluable experience in the lab.

A small engine repair course is included with an authorized Briggs & Stratton instructor. Students sharpen the safety and support service skills they need to work in new and used car dealerships, quick-lube service centers, and in transmission, exhaust, and tire repair service shops. Students will experience one-half day of hands-on experience in the lab, with the remainder of their day concentrating on academic coursework, such as lectures, readings, and task assignments. This comprehensive course covers the potential hazards, safe work practices, and business ethics that relate to auto detailing, parts replacement, tire repair, exhaust system service, engine tune-ups, cooling system repair, brake inspection, and other related tasks.

Career Opportunities

  •  Auto Detailing
  •  Tire Service and Repair
  •  Exhaust System Service
  •  Cooling System Repair
  •  Brake Inspection and Service
  •  Technician Assistant
  •  Vehicle Maintenance
  •  Power Equipment Service


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