Policy on Career Advising

Experts generally describe career advising as an integrated process that helps students understand how their personal interests, strengths and values might predict satisfaction and success in school and related career fields, as well as how to tie these interests and strengths to their academic and career goals. Now more than ever, students need to see a connection between what they are learning in the classroom and their future careers. Ohio students must have access to a comprehensive menu of resources and support to prepare for their future success. Through relevant classroom instruction, career-related learning experiences, and consistent counseling and advising, students can discover their interests and explore academic and career pathway options. Ohio law addresses this.

Ohio law requires all districts to adopt a local policy on career advising beginning the 2015-2016 school year. This is Springfield-Clark’s Career Technology Center’s (SCCTC) Career Advisement Policy (CAP) and Student Success Plan (SSP). This document is meant to facilitate career advisement; in the classroom and beyond. While there are elements that are specific to how our staff advise students, we think it is important to note there will be flexibility to implement policies that reflect our students’ needs, the needs of business and industry and college and career expectations. Additionally, we will continue to work proactively to access cutting edge resources; with the understanding that these could be limited to what is available and/or needed at any given time.

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