Comprehensive Tobacco Policy


The Board of Education has a duty to protect and promote the health and well-being of all students and staff. The Board is acutely aware of the serious health risks associated with the use of tobacco products; both to the users and non-users, and that most tobacco use begins by the age of eighteen. The Board recognizes that district personnel and school visitors serve as role models to students and, therefore, adopts this 100% Comprehensive Tobacco-Free School Policy to endorse a healthy lifestyle and prevent tobacco use.

DEFINITION For the purpose of this policy, “tobacco product” is defined to include any product that contains tobacco, is derived from tobacco or contains nicotine [or lobelia], that is intended for human consumption, or is likely to be consumed, whether smoked, heated, chewed, absorbed, dissolved, or ingested by any other means. The term “tobacco products” includes e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices, but does not include any cessation product approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for use as a medical treatment to reduce and eliminate nicotine or tobacco dependence.

TOBACCO USE PROHIBITED No student, staff member, volunteer, or school visitor is permitted to use tobacco products at any time, including non-school hours, in or on Springfield-Clark CTC School District property, including; · In any building, facility, or vehicle owned, leased, rented, or chartered by the school district; and · On school grounds, athletic grounds or parking lots; and · At any school-sponsored or school-related event, whether such event occurs on-campus or off-campus.

TOBACCO POSSESSION PROHIBITED Students are not permitted to possess any tobacco products, papers used to roll cigarettes, or lighters on any school property at any time.

TOBACCO PROMOTION PROHIBITED Tobacco advertising is prohibited on school grounds, in all school-sponsored publications and at all school sponsored events. Promotional items that promote the use of tobacco products, including clothing, bags, lighters and other personal articles, are not permitted on school grounds, in school vehicles or at school-sponsored events. The school district will not accept any form of contribution including, but not limited to, financial support, gifts (such as curriculum, book covers, speakers, etc.) or in-kind support from the tobacco industry for the sponsorship or promotion of any event or activity affiliated in any manner with the school district or located on school district grounds.

NOTICE Appropriate signs indicating that tobacco use is not permitted will be posted throughout the district at entrances and other appropriate locations on all academic buildings, administrative spaces, parking lots and athletic fields. Students will be provided notice of this policy through student handbooks and district personnel will be provided notice of this policy through personnel handbooks. District vehicles will display the international “No Smoking” insignia. Announcements will be made during home athletic events both before the event and during intermission, as well as at all school functions where deemed appropriate. School programs will include a written reminder of the tobacco free policy. The tobacco free policy will be provided to the parents and guardians of all students at the beginning of each academic year.

EDUCATIONAL REINFORCEMENT Tobacco-use prevention education shall be closely coordinated with other components of the school health program. Staff responsible for teaching tobacco-use prevention education shall have adequate pre-service training and participate in ongoing professional development activities to effectively deliver the education program. Preparation and professional development activities shall provide basic knowledge about the effects of tobacco use and effects of peer pressure on tobacco use combined with effective instructional techniques and strategies and program-specific activities.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR CESSATION The administration will consult with the county health department and other appropriate health organizations to provide students and employees with information and access to support systems, programs and services to encourage them to abstain from the use of tobacco products.

ENFORCEMENT Disciplinary measures taken against students and staff for violations of this policy need to comply with requirements of Ohio law, related district polices, and labor contractual agreements. Disciplinary actions may be taken against school visitors found in violation of this policy and may include a verbal notification of the policy for the first offense, and removal from the school property or school activity if off-campus for all subsequent offenses.

EXEMPTION Possession of tobacco products is allowed solely for educational programs aimed at reducing the use of tobacco products. Such possession requires advance approval from the school principal or other designated school administrator. LEGAL REFERENCES Pro-Child Act of 1994, 20 U.S.C. § 6081 Et seq. (1994) Ohio REV. CODE ANN. §§ 3313.20, 3313.447, 3313.751, 3791.031, 3794.01

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