Staff Directory

Last Updated: 3/26/2021 5:46 PM

District Administration - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
Michelle Patrick Superintendent x 117 Click Here
Brad McKee Treasurer x 149 Click Here
Tonya Bailey Payroll/HR x 120 Click Here
Kimberly Cobb Accounts Payable x 119 Click Here
Libbee Hasting   Executive Administrative Assistant x 159 Click Here
Laurel Lemmer EMIS/Executive Administrative Assistant x 187 Click Here

Main Office - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
Chris James Executive Director x 153 Click Here
Michael Rice  Associate Schools Coordinator x 113 Click Here
Karen Holstein   Campus Administrative Assistant    x 245 Click Here

Attendance and Discipline - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
Jennifer Shaffer Director of Attendance and Discipline  x 162 Click Here
Nathan Lasso  Director of Student Services and Academics/Compliance Officer x 239 Click Here
Janel Bumgardner  Special Education Coordinator x 181 Click Here
Melissa Oroszi Attendance and Discipline Administrative Assistant x 127 Click Here
Karen Rice Special Education Administrative Assistant x 198 Click Here

Counselors/Student Services - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
Amy Cross  School Counselor   x 195 Click Here
Lynn Phares School Counselor  x 182 Click Here
Kaitlin Ayres Central Cashier/Administrative Assistant x 118 Click Here

Technology - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
Jeff Thoman   Director of IT x 110 Click Here
Jason Cook IT Support Specialist   x 251 Click Here
Kyle Lloyd Network/Server Engineer    x 158 Click Here

High School Instructors - (937) 325 7368

Name Class/Course Extension Email
Monica Armstrong Mathematics x 285 Click Here
Teri Armstrong Intervention Specialist x 102 Click Here
Eric Barge Engineering & Architectural Design x 185 Click Here
Jeana Baucant Project Search Coordinator   Click Here
Nichole Elliott Health Occupations/Nurse Assisting x 157 Click Here
Linda Cabaluna Computer Graphic Arts x 180 Click Here
Shawn Cahill Electrical Trades x 174 Click Here
Michelle Carn English x 207 Click Here
George Combs Heating & Air Technology x 141 Click Here
Kathleen Coy Intervention Specialist x 181 Click Here
Wendy Delong English x 200 Click Here
Shelley Dillow Intervention Specialist x 109 Click Here
Greg Evilsizor Intervention Specialist x 240 Click Here
Jacque Evrard Hospitality and Tourism x 156 Click Here
Sean Fadden Software Programming Technologies x 265 Click Here
Kyla Greenwood Mathematics x 260 Click Here
Bobbi Groeber Science x 219 Click Here
Deana Harris English x 194 Click Here
Ashley Harwood Health Occupations/EMT x 183 Click Here
David Hay Culinary Arts: Seniors x 169 Click Here
Michael Hill Government x 202 Click Here
Susan Hoover Cosmetology x 125 Click Here
Susan Hyden English x 206 Click Here
Debbie Jahns Intervention Specialist x 167 Click Here
Robert King Mathematics x 154 Click Here
Adam Lemmer Early Childhood Education x 190 Click Here
Jason Leonard Auto Body Collision Repair x 197 Click Here
Mary Leonard Digital Media Design x 134 Click Here
Ross Lunsford Social Studies x 152 Click Here
Barbara Marshall Health Occupations/Medical Assisting x 238 Click Here
Eric Miller Career Exploration Lab x 170 Click Here
Kristina Myers Jaguar Academy x 165 Click Here
Melissa Nelson Mathematics x 112 Click Here
Beth Oder Job Training x 215 Click Here
Jeremiah Pennington Intervention Specialist x 261 Click Here
Leslie Quinn Cosmetology x 176 Click Here
Dave Remias Culinary Arts: Juniors x 169 Click Here
Stephanie Riegel VLA Coordinator x 164 Click Here
Lori Ritzenthaler Dental Assisting x 178 Click Here
Dave Rose Auto Technology x 140 Click Here
Brian Sheward Welding & Fabrication x 108 Click Here
Claire Spangler Intervention Specialist x 104 Click Here
Rebecca Shackelford Early Childhood Education x 190 Click Here
John Schmid Carpentry x 163 Click Here
Jennifer Smith Science x 103 Click Here
Christina Steffanni English  x 204 Click Here
Ron Summers Applied Engineering & Manufacturing x 122 Click Here
Marcia Taynor LRC Coordinator x 192 Click Here
Todd Trainer Mathematics x 201 Click Here
Amy Turner Veterinary Science x212 Click Here
Steve Walters Auto Services x 161 Click Here
George White Forestry & Park Management   x 174 Click Here
Ronald White Carpentry x 163 Click Here
Abby Williams Government x 205 Click Here
Angela Yake Cyber Security & Networking x 172 Click Here
Lynn Zimmerman   Science x 208 Click Here
Amy Zynda Intervention Specialist x 196 Click Here

Satellite Instructors - (937)

Name School Phone Email
Jim Allread Northwestern  964 1324 Click Here
Erica Hillard Northwestern  964 1324 Click Here
Larry Pilson Northwestern  964 1324 Click Here
Kendra Rarick   Northwestern     964 1324 Click Here
Will Nichols Shawnee  325 9296   Click Here

Support Staff - (937) 325 7368

Name Position Extension Email
John Gummel Child Nutrition Supervisor   x 124 Click Here
Haley Fogle ISR Paraprofessional x 111 Click Here
Lois Reynolds  Classroom Paraprofessional x 161 Click Here
Rebecca Thompson Classroom Paraprofessional x 387 Click Here


Mary Ellen Snider School Nurse X 121 Click Here

SCCTC Fax Numbers - (937)

Location Number Location Number
Building A  325-3990   Board Office 325-7452
Building E 325-0480 ECEC 325-2536
Attendance Desk 325-9390 Workforce Development  398-5391
Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center | 1901 Selma Road | Springfield, OH 45505
Phone: 937.325.7368
Fax: 937.325.7452