Tour the CTC

SCCTC provides campus tours to all city and county 8th grade Middle Schools in Clark County, Ohio. Visitors can see the classrooms, labs and students and learn about all the programs we offer.

Quick Tour Facts and Information

Tours are led by our Student Tour Guides: Juniors and Seniors who are happy to guide visiting students during the tour.  Typically there are 12 to 15 students per group, each led by 2 to 3 Tour Guides  Tour times are: 9:00 AM - 10:40 AM or 12:20 PM - 2:00 PM.  Safety glasses are provided by the CTC.

Current CTC 2019-2020 Tour Scheduled

Northwestern Middle School 8th graders (AM tour) 11/07/2019
Shawnee Middle School 8th graders (AM tour) 11/08/2019
Hayward Middle School 8th graders (AM tour) 12/9/19 & 12/10/19
Southeastern Middle School 8th graders (PM tour) 3/11/2020


Additional Info

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