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The CTC prepares you for college, too! Here is a partial list of colleges and universities that our graduates have attended. When you attend the CTC you can get a head start on college!

We have added job interview and resume guidance below.

Colleges, Institutes & Universities

School Website School Website
Bowling Green State University Click Here Ohio Northern University Click Here
Bradford Schools Click Here Ohio State University Click Here
Cincinnati State Click Here Ohio University Click Here
Clark State Click Here Rhodes College Click Here
Columbus Culinary Institute Click Here Shawnee State Click Here
Columbus State Click Here Sinclair College Click Here
Findlay University Click Here Springfield School of Nursing Click Here
Hocking College Click Here Stark State Click Here
Johnson & Wales University Click Here Sullivan University Click Here
Kaplan University Click Here University of Dayton Click Here
Lincoln Culinary Institute Click Here University of Cincinnati Click Here
Lincoln Technical College Click Here University of Northwestern Ohio Click Here
Louisville University Click Here Wittenberg University Click Here
Miami Jacobs Click Here Wright State University Click Here
Nashville Diesel College Click Here FAFSA Financial Aid Click Here

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The Importance of a Good Resume

In today's fast-paced world where first impressions are made in what amounts to a fleeting moment, the first impression (that being your resume) can mean the difference between getting a call for an interview and having it thrown in the trash. In an internet-connected world, the online resume has also taken hold. But regardless as to whether your resume in on paper or on the Web, the impression you make with your resume a vital one.

Here are some example templates to use for your resume.

Resume Template 1

Resume Template 2

Resume Template 3

Resume Template 4

Resume Template 5

Resume Template 6

Resume Template 7

Resume Template 8

Resume Template 9

Resume Template 10


The Importance of a Job Application

Filling out a company job application can be an essential step in getting an interview. The key to ensuring all the information is complete is to be prepared. Before applying, make sure that you have all of the required information on hand. An easy way to ensure that you have the necessary components is by preparing a resume ahead of time. Some of the typical information needed for job application preparation may include:


  • employment history

  • professional references

  • personal references

  • education

  • specialized training

Be prepared to have all the information needed to completely fill out the job application. Make sure that you have all the needed addresses, dates and phone numbers for the above requirements. Be prepared to have a minimum of three to four professional and/or personal references, along with your other information. For education and specialized training you may want to bring along copies of diplomas and certificates.

Below you will find some generic, practice job applications which you are welcome to download and complete to get an idea of what you might see in the future.

Generic Job
Application 1

Generic Job
Application 2

Generic Job
Application 3

Generic Job
Application 4

Generic Job
Application 5

Generic Job
Application 6


Sample Interview Questions

While there are as many different (possible) interview questions as there are interviewers, it always helps to be ready for anything. So we've prepared a list of 100+ potential interview questions. These will serve as good practice for any interview session.

Job Interview Question Document

Interview Rubric

Job Application Rubric

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