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Project SEARCH is a one year, high school transition program which provides training and education leading to employment for students with disabilities. The program occurs on-site at the Springfield Regional Medical Center. Project SEARCH serves a workforce training program for students in their last year of high school. Each student must apply to the program, be accepted through an interview process and be selected by a committee. The ultimate goal of Project SEARCH is competitive employment that allows students to utilize skills learned in the program.


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Project SEARCH provides total immersion in a large healthcare organization. Each day, students will report to the hospital and learn job skills while participating in three internships throughout the school year. Students participate in regular meeting with their team to define their career goals and plan steps to achieve their goals.


Special Points of Interest

  • Across the state, Project SEARCH graduates have an 80 percent employment rate.
  • After completing Project SEARCH, graduates will have supported employment provided by a team that works with them to find and maintain employment.
  • Experiencing internships will provide students with an opportunity to find work that is pleasurable to them and also allows the teacher to match student abilities to appropriate employment.
  • Students will work on all skills necessary to find and maintain employment including: social skills, business form completion, resume writing, self management skills, as well as reading, writing, and math that will be needed on the job.


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