We are proud of our graduates and are pleased to present a few of those who have been inducted into our Hall of Fame.

Rick Benning



Justin Chambers

Rick Benning (1984 graduate from the JVS Commercial Art program); owner of Ambience, Inc.     Justin Chambers (1989 graduate from Southeastern and the JVS General Merchandising program); famous movie/tv actor.
Joyce Chilton     Anne Emmons
Joyce Chilton (1975 graduate from Springfield North and the JVS Office Machines Clerical program); Springfield City Commissioner.     Anne Emmons (1992 graduate from Catholic Central and the JVS Commercial Art program); Springfield Clark County Chamber of Commerce.
Joe Faust     Scott Naill
Joe Faust (1972 graduate from Catholic Central and the JVS Masonry program); owner of Faust Plumbing.     Scott Naill (1989 graduate from Kenton Ridge and the JVS Heating & Air Technology program); HVAC/R Instructor at the Upper Valley JVS.
Brian Patterson     Michael Rice
Brain Patterson (1991 graduate from the JVS Marketing program); General Manager of The Golden Jersey Inn, at Young's Jersey Dairy, Inc.     Michael Rice (1986 graduate from Springfield South and the JVS Drafting program); Springfield-Clark CTC Associate Schools Coordinator.
Cathie Scott     Leatrece Terhune
Cathie Scott (1981 graduate from Tecumseh and the JVS Legal Secretary program); Indian Valley Middle School Principal.     Leatrece Terhune (1974 graduate from Springfield South and the JVS Cosmetology program); Clark County Educational Service Center.
Floyd Whitmer      
Floyd Whitmer 1970 graduate from South High School and the JVS Machine Trades Program); retired CTC Machine Trades Instructor.      


Graduate Feedback

Below find genuine comments from parents, employers and graduates, submitted via our feedback form, sharing how the CTC has positively impacted their lives.

  • "I have employed 3 CTC graduates. I have been very pleased with their technical knowledge from the first day they began working." - Employer
  • "It was the best thing I have done for improving my education!" - 2008 CTC graduate
  • "CTC was the best step I took in my life. I am already employed and am ahead of most of my graduating class. I would recommend the CTC to anyone. You meet new friends and the teaching staff is excellent!" - 2009 CTC Cosmetology Graduate
  • "I have learned so much while I was attending the Springfield Clark Career Technical Center and what I have learned as helped me with things around my house. I have fixed and repaired so many engines now that I graduated from the Springfield Clark Career Technical Center. Thanks for all the guidance, CTC, that you have led me to do what i want to do in life, which is work on cars."
  • "One of the best schools ever. I learned so much and still had fun doing it."
  • "Graduating in the first two-year class in 1969 provided a solid basis for my career in the micro-computer industry. A solid foundation established during my time at this fine school enabled me to enjoy a wonderful career. Thanks to all who made that possible."
  • "Going to Springfield-Clark CTC was one of the greatest educational choices that I have ever made. I am already employed and going to college. Not only was it a wonderful experience, but at CTC you are treated with respect. They have an amazing staff that will work with you and help you succeed. CTC is the best!"
  • "When I attended CTC I had a blast. I attended CTC for Nurse Assisting with Mrs. Bisdorf. She made my experience at CTC memorable. She also helped me set and reach my career goal."
  • "I graduated from the first 2 year HVAC class in 1979. I went on to graduate from the University of Memphis and currently run both an air conditioning company and a construction licensing examination firm. CTC (JVS at my time) prepared me for not just my trade but for my life. It was without a doubt the right decision for me."
  • "CTC was a great school. It helped prepare me for college by offering Tech Prep courses. I did not continue with Software Program Design in college, but what I did earn at CTC looks good on resumes."
  • "When I attended CTC the past 2 years those were the best of my high school years. I strongly agree that if I have kids they will go to CTC when they're in high school."
  • "Before attending CTC I disliked school so much. I never wanted to go to school and I never seemed to enjoy any part of high school. After being at CTC it made me want to be at school and made me excited about going to learn something new. I loved the Multimedia Program with a passion and the academic teacher was always nice and had a smile on their face. I can say I was sad when I graduated and had to move on but without CTC I wouldn't be at the college I am at, and for that I thank everyone that puts any effort into making the school the best it can be. It for sure helped me out a lot!"
  • "Going to CTC was literally the best decision I have ever made my entire life. At my home school, I was incredibly unhappy. I hated going to school with a passion. I heard that CTC offered a program that I was interested in and decided, why not? Couldn't be any worse then what I was already doing. When I went to CTC, things completely turned around for me. I loved going there with all of my heart. The staff was wonderful and I became best friends with everyone in my class, all while learning about something I loved to do. I recommend CTC to anyone and everyone. and if you're on the fence about it, just do it! Trust me, you wont regret it. I didn't."
  • "I am a 1982 graduate of Springfield South and the Cooperative Office Education program. I have been employed at Wright Patterson AFB since May 1982."
  • "CTC gave me the guidance that I needed to accomplish EVERYTHING! Being prepared for the real world coudn't have been made any more clear to me by the teachers and staff."
  • "I attended JVS between the years of 1980 to 1982 with a study of Diesel Mechanics. The lessons learned and time spent in shop took me to levels that I thought would never be possible in my life. I now work for the third largest manufacturer of Heavy Equipment as the North American Service Manager. I also have a internet show called Hit the Mark, which gives tips on heavy equipment maintence to prolong the life of your asset. Attending JVS was the start of my future. Thanks for everything."
  • "I graduated from Tecumseh and JVS in 2004. My experience at JVS was the most wonderful time in my life. Not only did I have the most amazing teachers, I also met amazing people that I would not have met otherwise. As far as my education, I feel that without JVS I would not have had half the knowledge I had entering college. My favorite teachers/faculty were Mr. Rice, and Mrs. Hasser. Thank you for a life changing 2 years of my life."
  • "I really enjoyed my education at the CTC. I feel that my program of choice (Medical Assisting) fully prepared me for college and beyond. I have since gotten my STNA and am currently attending Hondros College School of Nursing in Fairborn, Ohio. My LPN program is set up very much like CTC, and I feel that I can truly succeed with the experiences I underwent during my 2 years at the CTC."
  • "Attending the CTC (was SCJVS at the time) for Metal Fabrication Technology opened up a host of career choices for me. I relocated to Lima, Ohio to work at the world reknown Joint Systems Manufacturing Center and became a Department of Defense certified welder, proving that I can hold a welding standard that exceeds American Welding Society requirements. Most people go to work and sit in front of a computer screen or wait tables, I get to build and play with cutting edge military equipment. It's a dream come true!"
  • "I completed the College Tech Prep Health Occupations Technologies program in 2008, and now I am one semester away from graduating from The Ohio State University. I wouldn't have made it to where I am now if I did not attend CTC during high school."
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